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Welcome Everybunny!

This is OurWarren's NEW Webpage devoted to Housebunnies, everywhere.

Within these pages, you will find NEWS about
1. RIFRAF - the unique PetBunny organization BY bunnies, FOR bunnies
2. Information about what your HOUSEBUNNY expects from you!
3. TIPS on treats, toys, and what interests YOUR bunny!
4. The FIRST web-Publication of the BUNNY BILL ob RIGHTS
5. Da ROOLZ for bathing, nail-trimmings, vet-trips and MORE!

Hullo. I am Belinda Bunny. I amma nine year-old Inkwish Spot Rabbit wif attatudes and opinions dat are all my own. Dis is my web-site dat is deboted to an organyzation dat is close to my heart: RIFRAF. On da following pages you will learn about RIFRAF - it's history, it's philosophy and it's goals forda future. You will meet some ob it's members and you will read here, forda FURST TIME, da HOUSEBUNNY BILL ob RIGHTS, da onliest document ob its kind inna history obba werld.

This issa Disclaimer (Our Maman said we have to post one ob these, so here it is:) This issa page BY HOUSEBUNNIES for HOUSEBUNNIES ONLY. It's intended to give HOUSERABBITS a voice onna WerldWideWeb, therefore, it is created with our tongue planted firmly in our furry cheek.

We do NOT condone the keeping of rabbits in inhumane conditions out-of-doors.
We do NOT condone the breeding of rabbits for "fun" or profit.
We do NOT condone any blood-sports!
We do NOT condone the use rabbits as a food source!
We SUPPORT no-kill shelters!
We SUPPORT rabbit adoption!
We SUPPORT rabbits as members of the family unit!
We SUPPORT neutering/spaying of all pet rabbits!
We SUPPORT the purchase of non-animal-tested products!
We BELIEVE that we are stewards, not owners of the planet!

1 January 2002 - Dis issa furst day ob my berry own site!
28 November 2003 - Dis site is unner 'strukshun!
19 July 2004 - We note with sorrow that Belinda Bunny <actybist> has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.
1 January 2005 - George Frum Our Warren is appointed WebBunny for RIFRAF's Web-site.

Hi! I'm Belinda Bunny ob Our Warren, seen here inspectin' bunny housing.

George frum Our Warren - New WebBunny for the RIFRAF Web site.

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